Extraction system for the slag and dross generated during the cutting process, as well as for small parts that do not remain on the slats. Combined with the TECOI cutting tables, provides the best performance of the suction system.

It reduces significantly the machine’s downtime and makes clean-up fast. This equipment is also maintenance-free.

The system is prepared to dump the dross, slag and collected parts into a container below under the machine’s base level, although there is also the option of installing a conveyor belt for side collection and disposal.


Automatic extraction system for processed parts, ideal for material palletising operations, orders management and preparation planning.



TECOI can integrate, as an option in its machines, extraction systems through conveyor belts for the collection of parts and chips produced during machining, as well as for the transport of the slag removed by the VIBRATEC system, removing it outside the customer’s premises and disposing of it in a large container. The system can be easily installed and programmed according to the particular needs of each project. The mechanisms are tailored to each project, obtaining the best results in terms of durability and performance in every case.

Large dimensions laser cutting

Tube and profile laser cutting

Maximum productivity in a reduced space


Plasma, oxyfuel and machining cutting stations

High-speed plasma

Tube and profile cutting

Compact models


High machining capabilites

Machining combined with plasma and oxyfuel cutting

Intensive use

Automated plate storage 4.0

Manual and automatic

Waste Disposal

Fume extraction and noise reduction

Cutting tables

Multifunción combinada plasma, oxicorte y mecanizado

Plasma alta velocidad

Corte de tubos y perfiles

Modelos compactos


Grandes formatos y espesores


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