This system allows you to check the amount of jobs in the queue, organize them according to changes in consumables, thickness or delivery time, and arrange for maintenance according to the type of work done.

The basis is the files with the extension TWM (Tecoi Work Order Management). Each TWM can include one or more OF (production / fabrication order). And each OF can group together one or more cutting files.

The main benefit is that a single file is generated with all the tasks or jobs to be carried out in the established order we decide.


  • Management, monitoring and analysis capacity of production processes.
  • Analytics and predictive maintenance models.
  • Calculation of production costs.
  • Turnkey projects


This is a collaborative cell system developed by TECOI, which allows savings of up to 40% in processing time compared to a conventional system. Our TEKNOS PANEL TWIN machine, installed in the largest shipyard in Europe, for example, is equipped with the SOLOMON.


  • Project management for the integration of production lines and work stations, as well as the coordination with other manufacturers of high end equipment and management systems.
  • Consultancy services for the optimisation of production processes.
  • Total cutting centres


Large dimensions laser cutting

Tube and profile laser cutting

Maximum productivity in a reduced space


Plasma, oxyfuel and machining cutting stations

High-speed plasma

Tube and profile cutting

Compact models


High machining capabilites

Machining combined with plasma and oxyfuel cutting

Intensive use

Automated plate storage 4.0

Manual and automatic

Waste Disposal

Fume extraction and noise reduction

Cutting tables

Multifunción combinada plasma, oxicorte y mecanizado

Plasma alta velocidad

Corte de tubos y perfiles

Modelos compactos