High performance automatic system that solves the problem of cleaning, extracting and storing the dust accumulated in several filters and without the need of an operator. It considerably reduces the amount of time needed for dust extraction compared to manual procedures.


A device for extracting cutting and blasting dust without the need for an electric current, placing the waste in abig-bag. It considerably reduces the time needed for dust extraction compared to manual procedures.


Specific equipment for plasma cutting processes with power ranging from 60 to 800 Amp. The filter engines are equipped with a drive, which allows the adjustment of the operating power to the amount of smoke generated during the cutting process. These filters are controlled from the machine’s control panel or from its electrical panel located on a wall of the premises.

It is equipped with the most advanced Flame-Retardant technology cartridges (available from 4 to 32 cartridges) and with a spark control system. Thanks to this, the gases resulting from the production process are purified optimally.

Each filter has an automatic cleaning system that avoids the need for short-term maintenance. It can be equipped with Silentec and Atex standards. It can be equipped with Silentec and Atex standards.


Sound reduction system of up to -10 dB for ECOTEC filters with a structure made specifically noise minimization. It allows the installation of the Ecotec within the factory, complying with any regulation.

in – house designed and manufactured by TECOI

Large dimensions laser cutting

Tube and profile laser cutting

Maximum productivity in a reduced space


Plasma, oxyfuel and machining cutting stations

High-speed plasma

Tube and profile cutting

Compact models


High machining capabilites

Machining combined with plasma and oxyfuel cutting

Intensive use

Automated plate storage 4.0

Manual and automatic

Waste Disposal

Fume extraction and noise reduction

Cutting tables

Multifunción combinada plasma, oxicorte y mecanizado

Plasma alta velocidad

Corte de tubos y perfiles

Modelos compactos


Grandes formatos y espesores


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