Automatic lathe chuck

  • Opens and closes automatically.
  • Has three interchangeable clutches support depending of the cut type to be processed.
  • Servo-controlled rotation.
  • It is automatically set up in the height for each diameter of tube to be cut.
  • It moves axially 100 mm to capture the end of the tube, and release it once cut.
  • It has a hollow shaft for extracting the smoke during cutting.
  • For tubes with a diameter up to 1.200 mm (as per model).


Automatic lifting scissors

Mechanical support system and height control of the tube for the different diameters. Motorized component with a spindle that acts on a trapezoidal system for the height adjustment of the lateral rollers, which allow the rotation of the complete range of diameters of the pipes. Between each group of scissors, there are rollers located on both sides, which support and allow the rotation of the entire range of pipe diameters.

Adaptable to the installation of steady rests for the fixing and processing of profiles.


Tube support system through manually operated hydraulic scissors installed on two rails that allow adjusting its position for an even distribution of the tube weight, as well as its coordination with the several elements to be cut. The supporting wheels have a recess for using profile fixing steady rests.


Manual lathe chuck

  • Manually controlled opening and closing lathe
  • Servo-controlled rotation.
  • Hollow shaft for smoke extraction
  • Tubes up to 500 mm in diameter

Large dimensions laser cutting

Tube and profile laser cutting

Maximum productivity in a reduced space


Plasma, oxyfuel and machining cutting stations

High-speed plasma

Tube and profile cutting

Compact models


High machining capabilites

Machining combined with plasma and oxyfuel cutting

Intensive use

Automated plate storage 4.0

Manual and automatic

Waste Disposal

Fume extraction and noise reduction

Cutting tables

Multifunción combinada plasma, oxicorte y mecanizado

Plasma alta velocidad

Corte de tubos y perfiles

Modelos compactos


Grandes formatos y espesores


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